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A Month before You Move

Tension and anxiety are at their peak, a month before you move. But it’s not that difficult as it seems if you follow the following steps.

You should contact all your service providers to cut your utilities like telephone, electricity, water etc. and ask them to reconnect them in your new home.

If you intend to move yourself then you should hire a truck and book it at least one month in advance. Choose the size of the truck according to your requirements.

Make all your travel arrangements including flights, calls, hotels etc. Decide what you should carry with yourself like toiletries, books, clothing etc.

With few weeks left you should start dismantling your furniture and begin emptying your storage areas. You must also cancel the subscription of magazines, newspapers or any other service that you are using.

You must fill the form of change of address of IRS. When you are driving to your new place you must always keep a detailed map so that you can plot your route.