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After the move: Acclimating your neighborhood

First thing that comes to mind after a move is how to adjust in our neighborhood, where to get grocery, film CDs, pharmacy, gas centers, mall, cinema halls, theatres, coffee house etc. Some new comers keep themselves stick to the room for months before they move out, so it is better to expand your horizon as soon as possible.
Keep in touch with local guide to have a brief idea about your locality and usually these people have their websites, note down the phone numbers of the police station and fire stations for emergency purposes. Visitors guides you about the cultural program in the locality and also it give you idea about the clubs, cinema halls, theatres, malls etc.

Keep in practice of the routes which you are going to visit daily like offices, schools, parks etc. sometimes these map gives wrong information about the places so you need to be prepare beforehand. You too can get information about churches online, check out if it offers new comers organization, be a volunteer , that will helps you to get acquainted with the new community. So get acquainted with the new environment as soon as possible, don’t allow yourself to adjust.