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Your company could be for some fractions of your basic expenses which could handle your budget in a vital manner. Most companies pay for the cost incurred on transfer of goods including the packing and the unpacking expenses. Ensure that all the moving details and a copy of the bills are sent prior to the move to the company for approval of reclaiming the full amount.

Transportation allowance in the form of airline tickets for you and your family are also to be borne by the company. Housing costs include the payment of rent of lodging at two different places, your old house as your contract is yet to end with the landlord there and the new house, where you have moved in. In such a case, your company is entitled to pay for your old house until the close of the contract.

The company also reaches out for help by paying for the missed salary of your spouse during the relocation or until your spouse finds a new job at the new location. Job retraining expenses might also be borne by your company.

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