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Avoid scams when looking for moving services

It is always advisable to look for any moving companies on your own, don’t allow any brokers to do it for you because you may get cheated.

Online brokers job is to refer you to a moving company, he will make an announcement about your move online, and you will get offers from different moving companies.
 If a broker is arranging a moving company for you then you have to pay some amount money to them, if suppose you have paid some amount of money to the broker but on the moving day no movers arrive to give assistance that means you are being cheated.

Scams are like, brokers always estimate you a amount which is low than the original quote  but when your stuff are loaded the movers will give you a amount which is much higher than the estimation.

The Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has declared there should be moving service leaflet for the customers about the rights and responsibility when they are moving.