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Avoiding injury during the move

You may have to rush for getting the last two of your boxes loaded on the truck. In case you try to lift it, you find that you have a muscle pull. You have to keep in mind that injury can occur at any time. You may have to keep yourself prepared for this so that you can always minimize the risk. Try to lift thing in the right manner. Here are a few tips to follow:

Don’t bend at waist, but at knees.
Try to keep your body closer to the object you have to lift.
Avoid twisting body.
Never lift anything overhead.
Place legs at distance.
Grip well and lift legs avoid lifting back.
Secure foot when lifting.
Avoid jerks and lift smoothly.
These tips were stated by zee medicals.

You should always carry first aid kit. Place one in glove box or even under the seat in your car. The kit should be properly equipped with following:

Band aid.
Adhesive tape
Dressing (non-adhessive)
Swab – alcoholic
Safety pins for holding
Bandage (crepe)
Eye wash solution
Dressing for wound

In case there is an emergency you may have to click for proper guides on CPR and call 911.
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