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Avoiding roommate problem

Roommates, it sounds like someone who is going share everything with you, are you comfortable with that? , do you like interference? , do you like someone commands you when you far away from your home? If the answer is no then go over some tips below.

Choose your own roommates: it is better to have a roommate of your own choice ,the person you are compatible with, the person you are comfortable with , if these options are not available then better spend some days with a stranger and see if you can adjust with him or not.

Divide all of yours work among each other:  kind of work like sweeping, cleaning utensils, cleaning room, shopping etc, these kind of work you need to divide among each other. Use own cloth, own cosmetics, avoid using your room mate things. Some things can be shared like toilet, even bed if it is one.

Prefer having your own single room: This will keep you away from roommate problem, you need not be adjustable, every decision is yours, and you can have your own room decorated in your own unique style, no conflicting situations. You can have a free life.

Yours own life style: Now everything is yours, yours own unique life style, there are some demerits also, you would have no one to share with, you would have no one to talk with, you would have no one to help you if some kind of mishap happens.

If you really want a roommate it is better to tell everything about likeness and dislikeness, if the other person understands you then he can be an ideal roommate.