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Back-to-school survival guide for teens and parents

It is a hard truth, but it is true that schools are one of the major sources for stress for teenagers. There are certain steps that you must follow to reduce the stress of your child and enjoy a brilliant new start.

New teachers, new subjects, and new classrooms mark the starting of the academic year. Transition from one school to another can be difficult, but you have to manage this transition.

On the first day of the school, have your kids walk through the campus along with their friends, so that getting lost does not become an issue.

Try balancing the co –curricular activities with the study schedule of your teenagers. These activities prove to be great strees- busters. Sleep is very important in busting stress. Make sure your teen is having enough sleep.

In academics, try not having unrealistic expectations from your teen’s academic performance. You should only set goals that are relative to the weaknesses and strengths of your child.

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