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Basics of moving estimates

In future if you are moving, then you should first research for which company to move with. A reputed company will provide estimates for the move.
Two types of estimates are there, binding and non – binding can be provided by the company. Non- binding estimates comes free of cost, but there is a cost for the binding estimate. The binding estimate is about a contract that states that your costs won’ breach a particular mark. Other facilities might cost you extra as company expects you to pay for them.

Non-binding estimates are little to do the fare you pay. The actual costs are based upon the weight of the luggage etc.

A company doesn’t go by the estimates but they can charge only 10% over the estimates on the final day. If you don’t wish to even pack too, it can be done, but they will charge you extra for this. Extra cost may cost of tings need for packing etc.

An extra cost that generally companies include is of insurance. If u wish to have specific type insurance, make sure you go through the offer document.

So be sure about the type of estimate you are inking.