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Before Relocating

Here is a brief outline of the arrangements to be made a month before the move. Obtain a form for your Change of Address. Prior travel arrangements in the form of airlines or travel routes for drive should be made. Approach a Movers and Packers firm to help you move your baggage. Ensure that all legal, medical and insurance records are moved to a safe place. Using Address Change Notification cards, inform all your near and dear ones, the Bank and Insurance Companies and other State and Federal Tax authorities of your next whereabouts. Concerning your new residence, make maps of your locality to get familiarized with your neighbors. Remember to save all moving receipts as these expenses are tax deductible.

Two weeks before moving, inform the cable, trash removal services, etc and improvise for these services at your new location. Confirm your travel reservation and also recruit a new domestic helper. Arrange to close or transfer your bank account as is the need.

The day before moving, check oil and gas in your car.  Make sure you have tickets and charge cards. For packing, arrange for boxes of varied sizes, scissors, marking pens, etc. Also keep a medical kit and a bag of personal belongings with you for the travel.

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