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Before moving any thing

Before moving your belongings to a new house, make a plan of everything that is, make a list of every thing in a notepad and check every details of every corner of your house, and make sure everything is working according to you.
Check all switches, sockets of your new house, and make sure they are working correctly, ensure that all cupboards are empty, clean, walls are well painted.
Be sure there is no water, electricity problem. Check your toilet and bathroom and make sure everything is working correctly like geysers etc.

If you found any damages while investigating your houses do not hesitate to inform to the person who you are dealing with.
If you are taking the house in rent then make sure you get all appliances in good condition from your land lord, nowadays landlords are providing refrigerators, air condition, and more, make sure they are working correctly.

So these are things you need take care of and be sure that unnecessarily, you are not falling in any financial expenditure.