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Before you unpack

Before my last move, I was told that unpacking is one of the worst of the jobs. Based on past experiences I would disagree. Before you can rest, you need to take care of few responsibilities right at your arrival. You are tired and excited, it depends where you are moving but you can’t even relax.

First call a locksmith and change the locks as early as possible, even before you move in.

For security and privacy issues make sure the windows are covered. Keep track of your important papers.

Also do find out where are the nearest police stations, hospital and fire station is situated. Paste their new telephone numbers in kitchen for easy references. Introduce yourself to all your neighbors as early as possible. And remember all yours neighbor can be your best friends at the times of an urgent situation.
In a other sense, unpacking is not the only priority you have, also focus on safety and try to be familiar with all your neighbors.