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Booking your van

If you are moving then you must need a van to move, is it along distance move or short distance move, if it is long distance then you have to hire a van.
You need to contact beforehand with the companies providing vans to move, you need give all details of your move like distance, belongings, and moving date etc. ensure they are ready to provide you vans on the moving date.

Make decision are moving on your own or you want to hire professional to do this for you. If you are hiring movers they will do everything starting from packing, moving and unpacking your belongings.

Some companies charge extra money for the staircases, long way to the front door, etc don’t hesitate to ask them about it because it might surprise you afterwards. Just checkout how much things you have and decide how many vans you might need to move your belongings. You might need to give some advance money for deposit purpose for the vans you are hiring.