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Budget decorating tips 

A house with decoration looks like a home, everybody likes to decorate their house but with less expenditure, here are few tips.
1: Unique style always catches eyes, so be unique while decorating your house.
2: Paint your walls with yellow, red or orange, that seems more inviting
3: Hang any framed picture on your wall about 5 to 6 feet from the ground.
4: Paint old furniture to look attractive.
5: Keep some interesting magazines on your coffee table
6: Lit candles throughout your house, it will give a cozy feeling.
How to decorate your kitchen:
1: Boil cinnamon sticks that will give your kitchen a fresh and clean scent.
2: Wipe all cupboards and shelves before you unpack things.
3: Hang bold patterned dinner plates on wall that will give your kitchen a different look.
Decorating small rooms:
1: Paint large stripes or daring colors that will give your room a large look.
2: Use large mirrors that will give your room a large and spacious feeling.
Decorating exterior

Paint any old ladder and place it along your wall that will give you a new innovative look. Plant some beautiful flowering plants, which will give you’re a descent and charming look, and improve security of your house.