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Burglary Prevention Tips for a Tension Free Relocation

You have gone on a vacation or even to your new house and might be miles away. You certainly are leaving all your belongings behind. You have to take steps to ensure the safety of your belongings.

According to law one forth or families fall prey to crime every year. To keep it safe you need to follow following guidelines.

1. Discontinue news paper services.
2. Ask postal authorities to hold your mail in your absence.
3. Secure your front yard.
4. Inform local police authorities of your departure and arrival dates. In case of emergency inform them of your new contacts.
5. Ask your neighbor or even relatives to keep a watch of your premises. Give them your emergency contact number.
6. Try to unplug all electrical connections like TV, toaster, and stereos to prevent further damage by storm.
7. Lock and secure all doors and windows. Try placing extra bars for security.
8. Try to place timers on lamp shades so that your house may always look occupied.
9. Cut water supplies to avoid overflow.
10. Keep shades open so it looks occupied so that neighbors and police may have a watch inside.
11. Turn on the alarm system for safety reasons. Most burglars avoid alarm safe homes.
12. In case you don’t have any secure alarm system you can click here for more information.
You can always visit crime lab to see the ranking of your city.

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