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Changing your address is not simple as it seems

Changing your address isn’t easy as it seems, here are some guideline that will prevent you from going to post office.
1: Take out some time to fill up a form called US postal service’s official change of address form (PS form 3575)., u can fill this on website US postal service’s address change webpage.
2: Mention in the form your old mailing and new mailing address and don’t forget to mention the name of all members of your family.
3: This facility is available for 1 year for letters and 60 days for magazines etc and after that it will be sent to your old mailing address.
4: If you are a college student it is better to reflect your new address in the college because they have their own mailing system, to keep receiving you, you need to send change address card which is easily available in every post office to everyone.
5: Credit card, insurance companies have their own site where you can change your mailing address, so it is better to take the advantage of it.
So changing address is a bit difficult task, isn’t it?