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Clean Your Office before Entering

The first step to the planning of an office move is to clean and tidy it up. This is essential to avoid any disorder or last minute running around.

The entire staff can be designated to clean up their own workplace plus the common areas can be equally divided. Furniture should be thoroughly cleaned, electronic gadgets disconnected and other loose ends assembled. A group of cleaning crew people should be headed by a staff member so that the former do not throw away some important papers out of ignorance.

Ask for references from similar office environment people before finalizing with your cleaning crew. Ensure that you apply for insurance with them in case anything get broken during the cleaning process. Work out the strength of the staff you would need for the cleaning in the stipulated time.

Cleaning should be done at off-schedule times. Proper instructions should be conveyed to the cleaning crew to avoid any dissatisfaction in the end. Before making a payment for the job, a senior member in the office should inspect the entire office and declare whether the cleaning has been done up to the expectation level.

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