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Cleaning tips for new but used home

When you walk in to your new home and find the home full dirt, the first thing comes to your mind how to clean it; here are few tips on it.
1: Arrange everything that you need to clean house like broom, paper cleaners, towels, spray cleaners etc, you must put on a cloths you don’t mind if they get dirty.
2:Clear the space:
Remove newspaper, broken clock, tooth brush dirty towels etc from the room that will make your cleaning easier.
3: Sweep the whole room perfectly before you spray cleaner
4: Use spray cleaner, and then use paper towels to scrub floors.
5: Collect all garbage and throw it in a dustbin.        
6: Check out and make sure whether your room needs more cleaning or not.
Follow all this steps and you can find your room clean and ready to use.