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Closing down shop: moving related items

Moving to a new house means leaving your old home, it s very emotional for each family members, so there are lot many things to do while you are moving to a new place.
Few days before:

1: withdraw safety deposit box.
2: close bank accounts.
3: Record your meter readings.
4: just take out time to disconnect your phone, internet, cable TV.
5: change your cell number.

One week before:

1: pick up your cloths if you have given for dry cleaning.
2: let your friends, relatives, neighbors and anybody close to you, know about your move.
3: do some car maintenance like servicing (changing oil, tune ups, etc).

Two weeks before:

1: return library books and any rented video CDs
2: find a new home for plants.
3: yard sale.
4: settle bills if you have any with local merchants.
5: transfer or cancel gym membership.

Three weeks before:

1: update your membership
2:  transfer prescription.
3: inform change of address
4: get your medical records.

Four weeks before:

1: research tax-deductible moving expenses.
2: credit report.
3: consider valuables.