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Collect your moving receipts for tax time

Collecting receipts is most important thing at the time of move.
1: Use an envelope to carry your receipts, choose a bright color envelope with fasteners so that will be secured.

2: Purchase a receipt record book, which you can get easily at office supply stores. Don’t forget note the purpose of purchase, date of purchase and who purchase it.

3: Keep photocopy of all receipts in a separate envelope. Keep them in a place that is easily accessible.

4: Keep in mind some are nondeductible expenses like Driving license, money you spent on meal and other things like buying home, deposits, vehicles, taxes and all. Also following costs won’t get deducted -

• Temporary living expenses
• Security deposits
• Expenses of getting or breaking lease
• Storing charges except for foreign moves
• Re-fitting of carpets and draperies
• Any thing you purchase for your home

So these are things you need to consider at the time of your move.