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Consumer’s right when moving

Moving is a big job, and it can be very tiring. You should realize that you are handling over all your belongings to the company hired for your move. So you need to be aware of your rights while moving. There are lots of rights as a customer and you should know to protest you and your luggage.

Where to learn
By federal law, all moving company must give you a hand out of your rights and duties. You can also know about your rights and duties online at the federal law site.

Your basic rights include:

Estimates: movers are compiled to give estimated in writing. Getting an estimate is up to you and your company.
Binding estimates: moving companies cannot charge extra than what they have mentioned in the estimate.
Non- binding estimates: they do not charge you for non- binding type of estimates. These are not any sort of contracts.
Weight: you need to be present there each time when your freight is weighed.

In the end it is all dependent on the information you have about your rights.