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Couple of Weeks before You Move

When it is just two weeks to go before you move, you will start feeling the tension and stress of moving. You should then take the help of your friends and family. Here are some tips that you should follow couple of weeks before you move.

You should safely dispose all the hazardous goods like kerosene, oils, solvents etc. You should start eating the items kept in your freezer or pantry. Avoid buying too much of groceries, only buy essential amount of groceries that you will need for a couple of weeks.

Keep packing your stuff. Label each box with description of what is inside it and where will it go. Elaborate the labeling, as it will be easier for you since you will have the idea of what should be unpacked first. For the purpose of easy identification you can put big bright colored stickers on the boxes containing your essential items. Make sure to stick the stickers on at least two sides of the boxes.