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Cut moving weight, cut moving cost

While you are moving from one place to another and hiring a mover to move, then moving cost totally depends on three factors 1: distance traveled 2: weight of your belongings 3: number and volume of your stuff.

How the moving companies weigh your stuff?

First they weigh their empty truck and then the truck with your belongings, then they subtract first one from the second one to get net weight of your stuffs.
 Sometimes moving companies’ load your stuffs with other people stuffs to save their cost, so you need to stay there while they are weighing your stuffs and make sure your stuff doesn’t mixed up with others. If this happens you are going to pay money for other’s stuffs.
What you need check in your weight tickets?
1: weight of empty truck
2: weight of truck with your belongings
3: net weight
If you are having much heavy stuff then it is wiser to hire a moving company that charges according to the space occupied, not by weights.