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De-cluttering before packing to move

De-cluttering is one important aspect you need to do because it involves proper time management and controlled expenditure.

Make decision what you want to move and what you don’t want to have, make decision what you want to sell, throw, donate or carry. It is really foolish carrying clothes that you are not wearing but you have to pay some price carrying those so it is better to donate those.

It is wise to get rid of old papers by selling them, don’t take curtains because that may not fit new window size. check out which items you really need to move and which you don’t need, check out how much money you are saving not moving some items. For example an old couch will cost more if you move them than buying them.

Items like soap, detergents etc., you may move or you may not; it’s up to you.
So it is advisable to calculate the money loss if you are not moving some items, make wise decision at the time of move. Refrigerator items like fruit, eggs, juice cheese will add some extra expenditure after your move but carrying them is not wise. By selling some items you can get some money which can spend on moving other items.