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Decorate your room with your favorite team color

If it is your favorite sport season, don’t just watch it, as common as others do, just act differently and make your home as if it is welcoming your sports, just by painting your wall with your favorite color.

First of all you need to visit any hardware store, search your team color ,if you don’t find it , do some research , there are some companies which produce team color .
Wipe out dust from your wall and make it ready for painting, if your room color is white already, then it is easy to paint your wall with your team color that is mostly of red or blue, for a sports ambience, you can keep a football helmet on top of your television or a banner up on your wall.

Don’t think that it will cost you more; you can do it in an affordable price. It will increase sports watching spirit, it will welcome friends, and it will just make your house different from others.
You can have color of any favorite sports that may be football, cricket or basketball.