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Discussing with semiors about moving

Talking to seniors about their moving out to a new place is difficult situation which has to be faced once in life. The move must not be in a way to hurt them. The move must be in a way that they understand your feelings and they agree with full hearts. First you should understand your older members and try to solve your varying opinions. Angry words and raised voice will incre3ase the problem without any solution.

Try to get others opinion on this move so that you take a right move. Don’t try to convince if they are strong a decision whether to move or not. Avoid your emotions so that the matter can be resolved very smoothly. Your focus must be only on the move. Your explanation must be so practical so as to convince them. False reasons must be avoided to convince them. Assure them that they wont be any broke up in their relation with you.

The facilities to be provided in the new place must be left to the choice of the senior citizens. A counselor and a medical expert can help the older peoples to take a decision. Don’t feel for taking such a hard decision on moving the older peoples. Think wisely that it is good for them. But you should stay in touch with them often so that they don’t miss their old environment and they will try to adapt them to their new environment.