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Do it your self moving guide

While thinking of all the things you need to move, you may decide to move yourself. Self moving should be synchronized with time and human resource. Consider that while self moving you may miss your work. Adding to this you will extra expense of fuel, food, etc. the saving may be less than what you originally planned.
Before planning to self move, consider these:

• Packing and loading can be very tiring and time consuming.
• Heavy furniture etc can some time be difficult to move and handle.
• Special permit may be needed for driving while you move.
• This can turn out to be a very tedious job as driving and moving boxes is not easy.
• There won’t be adequate space for everyone including pets. Including costs of food and logging as you move along.

If your move needs assistance in moving heavy luggage do think of hiring extra hands. Professional with lot of experience in moving can be of great help.

The moving company may provide you with adequate sized trucks etc for your move. A truck driver will also be provided for driving you to your new place.