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Driveway paving

An ancient driveway doesn’t suits well with a modern house, are you looking forward for a new driveway? , here are few tips.

At first you need to remove your old surface with a jackhammer, that is little difficult. You must need some items like asphalt mix, asphalt spreader, gravel, crushed gravel, gravel spreader and may be drum roller.

Once you remove the old surface, you need to spread gravel with gravel spreader, spread it maximum up to 8 inch, then mix well asphalt and liquid cement, and spread it hot with asphalt spreader, then spread crushed gravel over it evenly, use a drum roller to make it a plain and smooth surface, leave it for 24 hrs without touching it, if you want to add some color that suits your house, you can do it, after following all this procedure your driveway is ready
So here you can have your dream driveway with your dream home and you won’t feel shame welcoming your guest.