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Estate agents of websites

It is unwise to use an estate agent to sell your property if you can use internet to sell them.
Estate agents help you to sell your property but they do charge fees selling your properties. But many people don’t trust estate agents.

There are many websites advertising property for sell. You can check out a few popular online sites for this.
In Europe you have to pay 5% to an estate agent to save your property.

I think this job is more complicated to deal with the buyer through an estate agent rather dealing with him directly. This way you can save a lot of money.
These days’ website makers adding new opportunities every day to make it one of the most visited site by the investors.

One demerit many people think that if they are placing an advertisement of selling their property, they have to pay almost 200 pounds; but they won’t get back the money if the property is not sold. While a real estate agent never charges you if a property are not sold.
So it’s advisable to give your advertisement in a popular site so that you can get many buyers.