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If you’re planning to move in a couple of weeks and you need to do so many things then it is advisable to get through the points.
Things to be done as soon as possible-

1. Don’t visit any glossary shop if it is not urgently necessary.
2. Find any place on the floor where the breakables can be kept.
3. Keep all heavy boxes on the floor so that light boxes can go on top.
4. If your new home is a high rise apartment it’s better to reserve an elevator.
5. Hire any professional movers or rent a truck.

Few days before your move-

1. Make a list of everything you want on your way, reserve any hotel if you need to stay during your journey.
2. Buy a lock so that you can secure your back door of the truck.

On the moving day-

1. Load all your stuff on the truck.
2. If your journey is of multiple nights don’t forget to park your truck safely.

Moving your life-

1. Take all your medical records, return any borrowed items, close your bank accounts, and update membership.
2. Let your dear ones know about your move, inform about your change of address.