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A systematic approach to relocating your place would surely remove the last minute jitters. Ensure that you have chosen the right mover through regular talks and interviews. Make background checks by taking suggestions from their past customers. Cross check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the mover.  Verify the license of the mover from the local transportation boards.

Inform your mover about all the conditions including minute details as the new place having stairs, a waterbed or hot tub to be moved. Provide them with all the information you have so that all’s well for you in the end. Give a vivid description of the contract to the mover. Include intricate details as when do you want your mover to move in the morning. Should they unpack your belongings at your new residence? The more comprehensive the contract is, the better it is.

On the move day, keep things pleasant and easy for your mover. They will value your concern and so would you, their effort.

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