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It is up to you if you desire to dodge your expenses. You have to stay fifty miles away from your home.

Without having any previous job if you have to join a new one 50 miles away from your old dwelling.

You are associated with the armed forces and frequently change your location.

Again you have the facility if you are a full time worker. Expenses are incurred within a year of your reporting the new job. You would be awarded time if have to stay at your old home owing to higher education of your daughter.

Provisions are open for the army men, those who have to lose his job without any reason. Even persons working outside are returning to the US after their superannuation get the scope.

The expenses are covered from your income. You are able to deduct the expenses if you are witty enough in this way:

Pack and transport your goods.

Take care of gas or oil expense

Keep in mind of fees, as parking or tolls

Arrange transport and lodging facility for you and your family while on the way to new home.