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Helpful hints for moving

Moving has the utmost priority along with taxes and buying life sciences. But for most it is a bad experience.

 Few tips for it are

• Initial step in packing – choose a large size bag. And with strict discipline as you are packing put your all useless material.
• Moving with speed – few wants to move all in one go, but it is a tedious job and causes frustration.
• Driving the vehicle – while renting a truck, mind you it is not yours. It is larger and bulkier so drive it carefully.
• Dealing with books – moving pile of useless books can be much of a worry. One way is to sell them.
• Banging doors – for the bigger stuff first take off your door. Doing this you will avoid so may problems such as crushing your fingers etc.
• Budgeting your move – budget your move before hand.
• Cats in the car – keep your cat and dogs in a safe carrier or they loiter around in the car spoiling the interiors.
• Moving hanging clothes – don’t take your clothes of the hangers. Put them into a big bag to protect them while moving.
• Last but not the least; try to minimize the number of trips. This implies being effective.