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Home Security has one of the prime importances in this world. All are thinking about how they can secure their treasures from others. Police protection cannot be provided all time. There are many ideas to have a good home security. Only the money factor decides what type of security can be given. Grills and iron gates can be used for windows. Close Circuit Tele Vision (CCTV) cameras can be used in case that you are able to spend more money. Just placing “Beware of dog” board on the gates will also be a great idea without spending money.

Indoor systems security is only placed in windows and doors but motion sensor is not used mostly. In case of outdoor security, flood lights can be used. This system any detect weight and height of any suspicious thing revolving in that particular area. Proper care should be taken in using grills and iron rods for windows. CCTV has a vast advantage over other types of security. This type of security systems can be used record all suspicious things in an area where you are not able to supervise personally. CCTV is the consequence of electrical cable, fiber optics and television signal. All activities in a large number of areas can be monitored from a single room.

“Beware of Dog”, this quote is very valuable for home security. Thieves restrict themselves from not entering the houses with these kinds of boards. Door hinges known as setscrews is used to prevent popping out of place. Another way of home security is to have a guarding dog. Doberman, German shepherd and bull dogs are the important varieties of guard dogs. Watch dogs must not be purchased since it only barks on the trespassers. But guard dogs attack the intruders. There many options for securing your home in a neat manner based on your affordability of money.