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Home improvement Guide

If your planning to make improvements to your home, don’t forget to think of all this.
1: Just decide how much you want spent on improvements, which part of your house you want to bring improvements, just make as rough estimation.
2: Explain everything to your contractor or architect, get at least 2 to 3 bids from different contractors, so that you can have an idea, what is the cost of improvements, ask each of them about their previous work, talk to their previous clients, make sure he is a licensed contractor, find out what type of insurance the contractor has, whether it covers property damage, labor compensations etc.
3: In many cities you need to have building permits, if doesn’t go according to the codes, legal action may be taken against you.
4: Can you afford the project if no, and then you can take help of bank, insurance company for loan.
5: While dealing with contractor, just make sure your contract include contractor’s full name, address, telephone no, license no.
These are the steps you need to follow.