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How much to tip your mover

Tips is something that is totally depends on you, figure out movers efficiency and productivity , it’s a long distance move or a short distance move, count how many movers are there , depending all this thing you decide how much you will tip them , don’t go above $20, if possible feed them some snacks.

For long distance move:
If it’s a long distance move and movers are taking responsibility of picking up and putting down of things, then you must give them some tips and food for refreshment, if you do so they may give some extra effort , like arranging your things in your house etc.
Count how many movers are allotted to you:
If the count is less and they are providing service up to your satisfaction ,then give some extra money to them , just show them you have a big heart, if possible provide them snack , cold drinks etc , that will motivate them to serve you more efficiently.
Staircases involved or not:
Some mover companies include staircases, while some not, that means they take extra charges for staircases, if it is not included then give some tips to movers but not more than $20.