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How sure are you of your moving companies?

Don’t just hire a moving company. Do some research about their reputation, credibility? Here are few tips how to do that.

1: The company must have valid phone number, address and name.
2: The “out of service” field should show “no”
3: Company must possess no of trucks as it says.
4: Auth. for Hire” under “Operation Classification”
“Interstate” under “Carrier Operation” if it is an interstate move
“Household Goods” under “Cargo Carried” should be marked with X
5: There must be satisfactory result in their safety section.
6: Click on insurance and FMCSA link; look for “common”, “contract”, “broker” listing under authority type.
7: Check for active “authority status” and no for “application pending”.
8: Look for household goods this should marked with yes
9: Look for “body injury and property damage” (BIPD) should have insurance of 750,000.
10: Ask the secretary of state about the complaint filed against the moving companies and hoe they are taken care of.
So these are few points which you need to look at before hiring a moving company.