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How to Handel Utilities during Your Move

In order to make your move comfortable and hassle free you must take care of connection and disconnection of various utilities.

You must tell the utilities companies about your moving plan at least a month before to your move, so as to avoid any notification charges. Your notifications will allow the utility providers to take final reading of your water, gas and electricity meters. Clear all your pending bills before moving to a new place in order to avoid any damage to your credit.

You must also enquire about the transfer of the various services from the service providers. In your new home the necessary utilities like electricity, phone, water etc should be functional before you move.

Don’t disconnect the utilities of your old home on your moving day as you may require them in case of any emergency.

You must follow few additional electronic tips like before plugging your electrical appliance allow it to come to room temperature. Check out the locations of internet, phone and TV connections.