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How to arrange the furniture to suit the new space

After your move to a new home, you need arrange everything in such a manner that will be both comfortable and functional.
1: First of all you need vacate the space, think how much space you need for different items, decide which will guest room, which will be your bedrooms etc.
2: For rooms that you want to serve for more than one purpose at the same time, you can have things like book shelves and screen placed as a separator.
3: For furniture arrangements, you can create your own paper replicas of your furniture on plain brown paper, according to that you can arrange or you can have different online tools, that will help you arranging your furniture in your room.
4: For a balanced room, don’t place all furniture against walls, place some in the middle. Have a perfect color that makes the room attractive.
5: Leave space to move, arrange furniture before hanging mirrors or pictures and leave enough space for drawers and doors. Distance between TV and your sofa should be enough, so that it should not affect your eyes.