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How to make sure your plant survive the move

If you own house plants, plus you are moving to some other place you have three choices, dump them, give them, or take them with you. So here are some useful advices for those who love their plants.

If you are going by the air route to new place then you must first contact the airways you are traveling in. Follow their regulations if any. Make sure you contact department of agriculture as they too have some rules to check importation of pests in their area.

If going by a vehicle
Make sure you choose such containers that don’t break in the journey. One way is to get black plastic nursery bags. Make sure you sterilize them.

Other tips
Keep your all plants moist during the journey. Wrap the full plant in some news paper and then soak them all in burlap.

If your new place is a small one also think for donating them to the nursery. Otherwise you can follow these advices and both your plant and you will grow and flourish continuously in the new atmosphere.