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How to move a sofa bed up or down Stairs

We all know how frightening could it be to move a sofa upstairs or downstairs. But you will be amazed at how simply and easily it can be moved.
First of all see that the passage you are going to use is free from all obstacles. In order to make your move more efficient, plan your actions in advance with your partner.

Remove the pillows and mattresses to reduce the load. Thereafter tie off the sofa bed frame to avert it from unfolding while moving.
Now take a piece of cardboard, big enough to lay down the back of sofa bed on it. Secure the sofa on it by using a rope and then move it through the door.

The person down the stairs needs to check that the cardboard doesn’t catch the stairs and guide the moves of the person on the other side. At the stairs corner, stand the sofa bed up on one its ends, and then move it by sliding it along its length. Keep on sliding the sofa till it reaches its desired location.