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Hurricane season 

Hurricane season is said to be one of the deadliest time where you have to safeguard all your belongings from hard hitting cyclones. Protecting your home from this season is one of the important things that must kept in mind during this dreadful season. Planning for overcoming this hurricane season is very easy but some things have to be followed compulsorily. There must be excess of preserved food, candles and batteries as a backup during this dreadful season.

Only there is a stress in planning for overcoming this season. All windows in your home must be protected. Due its durability, width and length, plywood can be used for some construction. These boards can be put against window so that they can be protected. Some fruits and vegetables can be brought in excess so that no interruption occurs for eating healthy foods. You cannot depend upon electricity or gas, candles and matches must be kept for use. Kerosene lamp can be used because it can serve for a longer time.

All internal problems can be solved by following above steps, but you need to protect your sanctuary and surrounding from hurricane. But protection against strong winds is very difficult. Many possibilities are there to protect your house at least to some extent from hurricane. But you should be ready with a backpacking so that you don’t get more problems. Thus hurricane season can be managed by following these ideas.