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Information on State Tax

Whenever you are going to move to a new state, then your various state taxes will also change, be it property tax, income tax or sales tax. All these taxes differ from state to state. In some states you have to pay more, whereas in other states you have to pay less.

There are some states like Texas, Florida and Washington which don’t collect income taxes. While the income taxes are not collected in many states but you must check out the other taxes by which government is collecting money like for example taxes on gambling in Nevada.

Sales tax collected by the states also differs. Depending on your states, either their will be an extra tax on sales tax or just a fixed rate on your goods.

Similarly is the case with state property tax. These taxes differ by location, so you should find the lowest rates in the states. Property tax is the primary ways of collecting revenue for the state government which puts it in local use like building of roads, schools, colleges etc.