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Items You Will Likely To Forget When You Move

It’s a common thing to forget items when you shift from one place to another. Here is a list of most commonly forgotten items.

1- You must collect all your items from tailors, cleaners and shoe –repair shop.

2- Before moving you should have all your personal records with you be it medical records, school records, financial records etc.

3- Its a wise thing to keep all the important phone numbers and addresses handy with you as  you may need them any time.

4- Before moving make sure that you have updated your postal address as all the mails will be directed  towards your new address.

5- You should also cancel the membership of various clubs that you have earlier taken.

6- Talk to your bank and enquire about whether the bank facilities are available at the new location or not. If it is there, then transfer all the funds to that branch and if not, then close the existing bank account and open a new one.