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Kids, young adults want moving connections

What is the choice, what type of new home young adults and kids desired for?

42 percent of young Americans wanted to have a fully wired home, 10 percent want to have high speed internet access availability while 17 percent were interested in connected home, where computers, televisions, home security systems and refrigerators are well connected to central controlled unit. About 12 percent of older generation prefer to have fire place a, and 25 percent want a gourmet kitchen.

A survey reveals about the thing people unpack first when they arrive at their new place.
16 percent television, 10 percent computer, 42 percent phone and 20 percent microwave.
During move nearly 24 percent  people give priorities to checking all the details liking switching utilities, forwarding mail etc, 15 percent keep in touch with family, 40 percent people think much about packing, while 14 percent give priorities for locating important things in the neighborhood.

For a smoother move make sure your new connection will be ready before you arrive, use wireless phone to stay connected with your dear ones.