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Look  before  you  leap

It is quite evident that at present cost of daily living in the US cities varies in a greater way. Even it is a matter of grave concern to the frequent movers to face financial crisis after moving to the new country.

You have to face an economic hurdle hard to cross. You would notice how a simple item like soda costs in a peculiar manner in the South and in the East coast city like New York. The difference is remarkable from $.99 or $1.5 to $3.5 respectively. You may also be amazed to find the sharp difference in cost of your favorite dishes. Besides, other fees like parking, rent and sudden hike in different other things are sure to embarrass you.

It would be better if before moving you consult your employer in details about the marked difference in costs. As there are so many websites to offer the perfect guide you must find a friendly one.

If you take the help of an efficient cost of living analysis expert you may have a pen picture of the cost analysis prior to shifting  to a new area or consult the webs minutely.