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Make a move an adventure

Moving can many times cause many conflicting emotions. Moving should not be tiring and tedious. You should make moving and adventure for the whole family and yourself.

Clear your mind for saying adieu to the old. You should visit all your friends, neighbors etc to relive nostalgia. Plan a lunch with them at your café or restaurant.

But small gifts for your family and yourself. Do click few pictures of everyone and of old place.

Try to make selecting a new residence a family affair. Discuss it with all your family and learn about the new city and place.

Take all your kids and family member for a walk in the last time.

Let your kids and other family members help in moving. Plan and assign duties to everyone.

After arriving at your new place enjoy a memorable first day. Think of driving your family and goods in place of flying.

Take a small holiday for around two three days.So like this you should plan a new beginning with a big smile.