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Movers are shaken

For every year 1.3 millions households are in great use of the commercial moving firms including about 4000 interstate movers. Some of them are duped by knave movers around Florida, California and New York for using inflated rates.

It is evident that the Federal Agency can fine a fraud agency $500/day for violation of their prevalent system. It is already suggested that all moving work must be done on pen and papers inclusive of telephone talk on estimate costs.

The brokers have to offer written documents and can never claim any extra charges later on. They are to fix cent percent of estimate prior to delivery and 110 per cent just when the delivery is made.

Movers have to use specific forms of payments and deliver items on the specified date. They have to give identification marks to each material. They have to abide by the advertising deals while using websites. It is even mandatory for the households to pay the movers via money order and if on credit cards there should be mention of the delivery date in a particular manner.