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Moving Non Allowable Items

Almost every moving company will give you a list showing the items which are not transported by the company. The list not only includes hazardous materials such as ammunition or petrol but also items such as perishables foods, expensive jewelry or items having sentimental value.

All the hazardous material should be disposed off before you move to your new place. Hazardous materials are generally the materials which are inflammable, corrosive or poisonous in nature.

Perishable foods are generally not transported by the movers, especially if your move is long distance.  It may be allowed if you are move is a short distance move. So you must either give it to you neighbors or dispose them off before leaving.

Movers do not transport expensive or personal items because of the risk of their loss or damage during the transit. The mover’s liability in case of such types of items is limited. These includes items such as medical or school records, jewelry, laptops, cash and collections.