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Moving Your Childs School Record

Your child’s school record is the most important document that you should take into consideration while shifting to a new place.

You must ask the previous school to issue transcript containing the result and grades of your child, so that the new school administration can see the academic level of your child.

If you want to change the school of your child from a public school to a private school, you have to provide some extra information.

Grades or marks are not the only criteria that help you to get admission in a school, there are many other factors also.To make your child transition to new school better and smooth you should take letters from teachers discussing the child’s nature strength, weaknesses, interest etc. Information such as participation in extra curricular activities like sports, drama, music etc. should also be outlined.

Nowadays schools also require the medical certificates in order to ensure that the child is not having any communicable disease. For this reason make sure to carry the up to date medical reports with you.