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Moving Your Computer

It’s quite easy to pack your computer and other computer parts while moving. There are however few things that you should keep in mind.

Make sure to back up all your important files that you have on your computer, and then carefully remove all the CD-ROMs and floppy drives that are present. You must then disconnect your computer and unplug all the power cables.

Care must be taken to move the monitor as it is heavy and is more liable to get damaged. If you have the original box of your computer then transport the computer in it otherwise you can use rigid foam cardboard packing material.

The CPU should be kept on its side and the motherboard side should be lying flat on the bottom. To transport printers and other peripheral devices you must choose boxes that have shock resistant insulation. You must protect your computer from shock and application of load over it.

Carrying your CPU in a haphazardly manner can loosen some interior cards, and fixing them is a daunting task. Sometimes it even requires the use of professionals.

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